Friday, March 24, 2023

RIBANE LAKA SECONDARY SCHOOL is public school in Mamelodi, Pretoria. The school starts with Grade 8 to Grade 12. The subjects taught in school are:

Tel: 012 801 8313  Cell: 072 375 9079  email:



Maseko St





Tel: 012 801 8323


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Grade 12 Students

Grade 11 Students

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Grade 8 Students


Our school would like to provide a safe environment that enables our learner to learn and reach their potential. There are projects we want to undertake that assist our school in achieving our goals. Some of the project we want to undertake are:

  1. Improve safety and security by installing intrusion detector and cameras.
  2. Improve safety and security by hiring security person(s).
  3. Re-equip our computer lab
  4. Reading Material
  5. Library
  6. Fix our perimeter fence
  7. Paint the school
  8. Fix our sports ground

For us to achieve all of the above, we are appealing to all our previous students to join forces with us. Therefore, if you a RIBANE LAKA SECONDARY SCHOOL ex-student, please register as an Alumni and we will keep you updated on all our activities.



  1. Soccer
  2. Cricket
  3. Netball
  4. Tennis
  5. Rugby
  6. Athletics
  7. Chess

Check on the list below and see which of your school mates you can still remember, if you do not see your name please register here, if you also don’t see your ex school mates dont worry, just get them to register.

Alumni List