Friday, March 24, 2023

Students Needing Tutoring

There is a lot if student in need of assistance with their studies. If you are a student and have registered on Myafricanschool homepage and elected the subjects you need help with, your name will then appear on the list below, with your school name and city you are from. This will allow registered tutors in your area to organise tutoring and teaching sessions for you and other students. To get Tutor assistance go to Student Registration. You will be assigned tutors.

List of Student needing tutoring

First NameLast NameSubjects I need help withProvinceHigh School
JeffreyMotKU JeffreyMotKU Free State Hubbard High School
AnthonyPeakySM AnthonyPeakySM Free State Holy Cross
DanielcladyOE DanielcladyOE KwaZulu-Natal Oakland High School
DonaldGoxTV DonaldGoxTV Mpumalanga Holy Cross
GeorgenutZJ GeorgenutZJ KwaZulu-Natal Holy Cross
AndrewagodaLF AndrewagodaLF Northern Cape Whitman High
DavidMotDN DavidMotDN Western Cape Western High
StevendoxQP StevendoxQP Limpopo Western High
AntonioHomRM AntonioHomRM Gauteng East Chicago Central
DannySomYR DannySomYR Western Cape Whitman High


There is a lot of students in your community who need your assistance as a tutor. You can make a difference in your community. You dont have to be excellent in the entire subject matters, whatever chapter you are good at, there is a student who will appreciate your assistance with it. If you have registered as an alumni for your school and have elected to tutor, your name will appear on the list below. To register as a Tutor go to Alumni Registration. Tutors you will be sent an email to choose whether you want to be assigned students or you would like to choose your own students. 

Tutors List

First NameLast NameSubjects StudiedProvince